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Southridge Challenge ’08

Posted in Races and Events on November 26, 2008 by J

picture-11 You know, sometimes I almost feel a bit guilty.

November should be the time for a nice, muddy cyclocross or an epic point to point in ridiculous conditions. It should be the time of year that drains and grates on you so physically, so as to make you really feel as though you’ve earned an off season.

So, as I was watching my alma mater kick the crap out of MSU on saturday, and seeing the snow in the air and the kerosene heaters on the sidelines; I almost started to feel cold. I got on the phone with one of my old buds who was actually at the game, however he was talking to me while hiding out in the restroom to escape the 20°  wind chill. Amazing.

I walked out onto the patio only to be greeted with the warm embrace of the subtropical sun of the Los Angeles basin. I told him it was about 80 here.  Now I feel guilty about going into off-season mode.

There’s still racing going on here. And this, my friends, is what SoCal looks like in November:


The 17th annual Southridge Challenge went down over in beautiful* Fontana, CA this past weekend. Because of my aforementioned lapse into off-season slug mode, I didn’t make it out to the XC/Super D on Saturday. There’s no reason to embarass myself (Then again, there’s no guarantee that a replay of NMBS 08 wouldn’t happen).

img_2724There was a very healthy turnout on both days, however, and a few Kittybait staffers were on hand to throw down on the downhill course on Sunday. Our own Matty took home a 6th in a very fast Semi-Pro field. Not bad considering this was only his second race back after major knee surgery.

The pro ranks saw an awesome competition including a few World Cup guys battling it out amongst the locals. Old man Eric Carter (Mongoose)  took 3rd behind Aaron Gwin (Yeti) and David K (ODI-SRC). Less than one second separated the first 4 positions which was rounded out by Kevin Aiello (GT).

You can check out the full results here.

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When I Was Your Age

Posted in News, Races and Events on November 18, 2008 by J

“Damn. How cool would it have been if they had this when I was a kid?” is the typical response when someone finds out about this. 



From the same folks who pioneered the NorCal High School Mountain Bike Race League, comes its counterpart to the South. The SoCal Interscholastic Cycling League has been set up to provide junior racers with a full race schedule and a real training program.

Their 1st annual Cycle Fest dinner fundraiser will take place this Saturday featuring mountain bike demi-god/snappy suit wearer, Gary Fisher and Tony Cruz of US Postal and BMC fame.  It’s $125 a seat, and all the proceeds will go towards funding this worthy organization. 

If you go over to SoCal ICL’s website, you can also bid on a number of items in a silent auction which will culminate at the ‘Fest. Plus, you can learn more about volunteering, donate gear, or start a scholastic cycling club or team.

Hillbilly Bike Bash

Posted in Races and Events on November 11, 2008 by J


Eric Carter has been busy as of late.

Not even a year ago, there was word that he was digging up the godforsaken hillsides of Temecula California in search of mountain bike nirvana. What he found could end up filling the void that all of the huckers and bombers of SoCal have so desperately been waiting for.


Vail Lake Resort in Temecula has been the site of the well-received Racers and Chasers XC series for some time, and now is home to the inaugural Hillbilly Bike Bash. Despite some minor growing pains (timing and results ended up being a bit of an issue, but most everyone involved was cool with it), it went off without a hitch. There’s word that the already extensive trail network could grow into a real bike park in the near future.

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Bikes & Pancakes: Part Of Your Complete Breakfast

Posted in Races and Events on May 8, 2008 by J

‘Round these parts, there are a few things that signal the start of Springtime. The warm winds start to greet you on the afternoon rides, the Poppies and Jacarandas are in bloom, and the sun begins to noticeably lengthen the daylight hours. However, nothing heralds the beginning of the season like the Annual Pancake Breakfast.

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25 Or 6 To 4

Posted in Races and Events on April 4, 2008 by J

We’re all still reeling about how gnarly the Pro DH course was at Southridge last weekend. If you think there’s no technical riding in SoCal, you’re sorely mistaken. Don’t take our word for it though:picture-11.png

Big thanks to the guys at WTB for the video. By the way, give yourself 5 points if you knew what the title of this post meant.

Fontana NMBS Part 4

Posted in Gear, Races and Events on April 1, 2008 by J

Gear Extravaganza

A good amount of teams showed up to the first NMBS of the year in Fontana CA, and all were packing the latest weaponry. There was plenty of gear that made me want to make romance explosion.

Gary Fisher Downhill Sled

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Fontana NMBS Part 3

Posted in Races and Events on March 31, 2008 by J

STXC: Only Certified Baddasses Need Apply

STXC had always sounded like a contrived bastardization of real Cross Country races in order to make the sport more fan friendly. And it is, as you can pretty much see the whole course from one spot. But the whole concept seemed dirty to me. It isn’t until you see how utterly destructive it is to one’s body that you can really appreciate the competition. It works sora’ like a ‘cross race. Get as many laps in on a 3/4 mile course in 20 minutes then add another 3 laps. Throw in some elbows, sweat, and shitloads of latic acid, and you have a STXC race. Ridiculously compelling.


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