J’s Superfly SS catching some rays.

Santa Cruz Harbor – Santa Cruz, CA

April 09


3 Responses to “Westward”

  1. Excellent! This format is pure jeenyus. I can see that you have been on a lot of adventures and I’m pretty jealous that I wasn’t there and it wasn’t because I was too busy with adventures of my own.
    On an unrelated side note, I’m pretty sure that the babes at that beach were intensely attracted to your Superfly.

  2. Thankfully, the bathing “beauties” are out of focus. A welcome by-product of my my less than adequate photography skills. Otherwise, you might be right. Saddle up the ‘ol Superfly SS and hit the town, and you have to beat them back with a stick. I highly suggest you squeeze Ott for one…

  3. Nice shot–thanks.

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