Full Words Are For Losers

sram_logo Word just rushed into Kitty Bait headquarters about a new Sram mountain group for 2010 to be dubbed “XX.” Much in the same way Sram parlayed their ownership of Avid and Truvativ into road groups, there will now be an entire mountain set for you to obsess over (wait, is it just me?). Since this will be marketed toward the XC high-end, expect to see a full on, top of the line kit on par with Red to go head to head with XTR. We’re thinking the introduction of an 11-32 conical steel (Ti, maybe?) cassette, a Sram branded Noir-type crankset, Doubletap shifters, and a superlight Elixir brakeset would be likely. If they were really crazy, maybe a 2×10 mountain drivetrain? A Zipp tooled carbon wheelset? Hopefully if H-Ball is involved with development, we can see the triumphant return of X Ray Violet on a bevy of trinkets.

Luckily for us, Kittybait has an experienced staff of engineers on the payroll, and they were able to construct a pre production rendering of what XX will look like.

The 65-32 crank is poised to set the industry on its collective ear. You heard it here first.

All that being said, it’s just speculation. Nothing will be announced until next spring, but be sure to take a good look at Blackbox XC racers starting at Sea Otter in 09. One thing is for sure, none of these parts will be as exclusive or racy as the Bontrager XXX offerings. I mean, there’s a whole additional X in there.

UPDATE: We beat cyclingnews.com by more than 24 hours on this one. Take that, Huang!
Seriously, though. We love you guys.

UPDATE 2: In the days following Sram’s announcement of XX, word spread across the internets like wildfire. I think the best quote, however, comes from a forum post at mtbr.com:

“Im not going to say im excited, but if the Boner Police are here, I demand a lawyer!”

– Hand/of/Midas, mtbr.com user, comments on Sram XX


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