Hillbilly Bike Bash


Eric Carter has been busy as of late.

Not even a year ago, there was word that he was digging up the godforsaken hillsides of Temecula California in search of mountain bike nirvana. What he found could end up filling the void that all of the huckers and bombers of SoCal have so desperately been waiting for.


Vail Lake Resort in Temecula has been the site of the well-received Racers and Chasers XC series for some time, and now is home to the inaugural Hillbilly Bike Bash. Despite some minor growing pains (timing and results ended up being a bit of an issue, but most everyone involved was cool with it), it went off without a hitch. There’s word that the already extensive trail network could grow into a real bike park in the near future.

To see the gallery, click to

We completed the 2 hour drive in about 3 1/2 hours thanks to some shady Google Maps directions (thanks, Eric Schmidt) on Saturday morning. After getting in some good practice runs, it was apparent that tire selection was completely out of the question. It wouldn’t have mattered if we would have strapped rototillers on the rims in light of the loose, sandy conditions.


The downhill route was about a 2 minute course, resplendent with off camber bends, ladder drops, flat corners, and berms that disintegrated throughout the day. One particularly nasty left-hander seemed to change lines by the hour and even an overnight storm couldn’t add any traction. All in all it was a typically challenging dry SoCal chute. Matty walked away with 3rd in Semi-Pro, and G took home 4th in Expert.

You can read what EC had to say over at SoCal Trailriders.

EC and PCA is onto something good here. Racers and Chasers was already a good, honest to goodness grassroots race series here in the heart of a no-payout, high-registration, highway-robbery-race-promoter stricken Southern California race scene. EC’s stab at race promotion is a refreshing breath of fresh air that builds on its strengths. He’s giving back to the sport that’s given so much to him, and that’s pretty sweet in our books.

UPDATE: Results are available here.


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