Two-Wheeled Pornography Vol IV

2008 Cult Black Gold

Well, technically, I guess this fits the above description. However, more than a few folks are praying for catastrophic carbon fiber lamination failure.

Here’s the Press Release from Slovenia’s Cult Bicycles.

Prime minister of the republic of Slovenia and president of The Council of European Union Janez Jansa today gave a mountain bike to the president of the United States of America George W. Bush during his visit in Slovenia for the meeting EU – USA. This is no coincidence, since American president is well known for his outdoor activities and special passion for mountain biking in the past years.”

Never heard of Cult? Well, neither did we, so here’s some company history courtesy of their corporate website:

“Cult in known for high performance bikes with no compromises. This fact is introduced to more and more people every day and they enjoy their Cult bikes with great pleasure. Over the years Cult has become product of Slovenian knowledge and experience. Bikes are building like this from day one and we still continuing with this concept.

Ok. The thing actually does have some nice, original curves; and is decked out with a top shelf kit. It’s also been engineered to tackle tough climbs up marble and gold encrusted palatial staircases. I know I always have problems negotiating terrain like that.

In related news, it seems as though Sen. Barack Obama is poised to carry the torch in the position of “Leader of the Free World who makes cycling look like the dorkiest activity a human being can partake in while on a Trek Bicycle.”

Take note: The activities of being president, dorky, cycling, and riding a Trek are not mutually exclusive.


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