Criminal Mass

Living in a city that canonizes the automobile to such an extent as Los Angeles, sometimes it just feels good to get away from the hustle of traffic. Often, nothing clears your head like a good ride. The guys over at Banned Bicycles decided to go on a relaxing little bike ride, and brought along a camera.


4 Responses to “Criminal Mass”

  1. Frito Lay Says:

    Now thats the only way to commute in L.A.!

  2. You’re right. I especially love that this proves that you’re faster on a bike than in a car in LA. The title of the video says it all: “If you rode a bike, you’d be home by now!”

  3. Pshhhtghthht! Everyone knows bikes belong on the sidewalk.

  4. yo, I’m back in town and am wondering where the new postings are?

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