Two Wheeled Pornography Vol III

Engin Cycles War Machine

For the third installment in the world-renown series of photographs featuring only the most luscious, barely-legal bicycle smut, comes this centerfold courtesy of Engin Cycles.

One of the Kitty Bait staff members has been known to do some scribbling for one of our favorites, Dirt Rag; and soon this custom built, single speed, 650B, Engin War Machine will be in her care and subject of a review for said rag.

Drew Guldalian of Engin Cycles has been designing and building these handbuilt, steel orgasms in his shop outside of Philadelphia for a little while now, and even has some hardware to back up it up. You see, Drew brought home the trophy for “Best Off-Road Bicycle” at this year’s North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show back in February. Not too bad for a former chef.

This particular example of his handiwork showcases some beautiful lugwork, stainless slider dropouts and hand bent stays, along with a custom seatpost, fork, and stem.

You’ll notice that this is one of them thar 650B bikes. Part of the reason our Kitty Bait staffer will receive one is because some people feel that smaller riders (like her) can gain the benefits of a 29er, without trying to climb onto a bike that rides goofy. Short riders sometimes have some difficulty fitting to 29ers, and the resurrection of this ‘tweener size could be just the ticket. 650B (or 584mm ISO or just 27.5″), wheels and tires aren’t exactly new as they were typical of French utility bikes, tandems, and loaded-touring bikes. They could also be found on some older Raleigh and Schwinn MTB’s, however their use on modern mountain bikes is most definitely not typical. This one will come equipped with a brand new set of Pacenti Quasi-Moto’s.

This one should show up at Kitty Bait Headquarters sometime next week. This one is at Kitty Bait Headquarters right now! Feel free to stop by and take a gander. By the looks of things, it seems as though Drew made the right career decision.


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