So That Happened…

Citing a number of reasons that basically amount to: “Greg’s been acting like kind of a douchenozzle,” Trek has ended its partnership with Lemond Racing Cycles.

In a press release, Trek head honcho John Burke said, “Beginning in 1995 we had high hopes for the LeMond partnership, and I am sorry it has come to this after so much hard work on the LeMond brand. But this troubling pattern of inconsistent business dealings forced us to do this, for the sake of the Trek family—our retailers, employees and customers.” Burke continues, “Doping is a very important topic for our industry. We never discouraged Greg from speaking out about doping in cycling. We know there is a difference between attacking an issue and destroying reputations. Greg’s public comments damaged the LeMond brand, and our reputation with retailers and consumers.”

If you’ve already finished watching paint dry today, i guess you can click here for the full story.

Since Kitty Bait is more mountain bike-centric than anything else, you might be wondering why we give a crap about all of this. Well, first it puts in jeopardy the future of the sweet Poprad CX rig, and secondly (and much more importantly) it opens the door for Klein to come back to the US in 2009. Get ready for more knockouts, like this gem:


5 Responses to “So That Happened…”

  1. haha looks like uncle ron strikes again!!

  2. That reminds me Darin, some guy named Ron keeps calling the shop asking for you. He’s always saying something about “free massages” and “popcicles.”

  3. I’m sure Jorge won’t mind the massages and free popsicles while I’m gone.

  4. Richard H Says:

    I was a HUGE Floyd fan before the shit about Floyd’s boy threatening Lemond with molestation revelations. I’m 46 yrs old so Lemond is the guy who put bike racing on the map for my generation. His accomplishments are epic, and I would go so far as to say no Lemond,no Lance( or Landis ). That said, I think Lemond has been way out of line regarding weighing in on Lance/Floyd and I can see why Trek would distance themselves from him because of said comments. However, Floyd’s blackmailing of Lemond is inexcusible, and has caused me to have serious doubts about his honesty regarding his doping scandel. If Landis hadn’t stooped so low, I’d still be inclined to support him. Floyd’s actions have completely undermined his credibility and have me thinkin he’s guilty of cheating. My main point is this; Lemond may be an old, crochety,bitter guy,but his Tour wins were hugely important to U.S. cycling and pretty much created the road scene that existed before Lance. You guys (particularly those of you in the industry) should think twice before kicking tthe old man to the curb.

  5. Oh, I definitely agree with you, Rich. I can totally see Lemond’s argument. Trek wasn’t putting as much into marketing the brand as they could/should of. Was it because of what Greg may have said about Lance? Maybe. But, keep in mind that Trek has a habit of selective marketing. Look at the Session 10. Great bike, no one knows it exists. Also, there are probably more than a few folks that might feel strange owning a bike with his name on it.

    Also, Trek spent a few bucks on R&D for a completely new Lemond model, the Triomphe (and another re-design last year) a few years back. I can honestly see both sides very clearly in on this issue.

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