Big Wheelin’

The new Gary Fisher Superfly continues to be one of 2008’s most sought after rigs, but also one of the most scarce. I can tell you firsthand that Kitty Bait Headquarters has had a few of them on order since October with nary a peep from GF about availability.

In a move that effectively makes the most wanted bike of ’08 even more exclusive comes a Single Speed Superfly:

Gary Fisher brand manager, Travis Ott, posted pictures of this beauty last week over at the 29er Crew website. We’ve been told that at least 3 of these guys exist right now, and will be under Jesse LaLonde, Marko LaLonde and Cameron Chambers this season. Click here for the full story.

UPDATE: Here’s Jesse LaLonde’s SS Superfly with a fresh new build:


2 Responses to “Big Wheelin’”

  1. Dirtdiggity29 Says:

    Gosh, we’ve already sold three… 😀

  2. Eh..I think they know that SoCal hasn’t seen the light yet. We might be low on the priority list.

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