Virtual Downhilling in France

The ultimate ride on a mountain bike has got to be the descending part of any good trail. You’ve already done the hard work by riding up the trail and sweating your ass off. You take a little rest at the top and you’re ready to begin the fun part of the ride that you’ve just worked so hard for. But, there’s an easier way. By way of shuttling in vehicles or taking a chair lift. Some say that’s cheating, but I say it’s just a loop hole to happiness. Our friends in Europe decided to take the chair lift up to the top of some of the sickest trails in the Alps. Check out this virtual descent from somewhere in the French Alps. Wish I was there!


4 Responses to “Virtual Downhilling in France”

  1. Shuttling?! L-A-M-E, bro!

  2. Frito Lay Says:

    Shuttling, that ‘ll make a man out of you!

  3. Ahh! The joys of riding my bike! If I’m shuttling or climbing (as I do most of the time). I just love my freedom of riding my bike.

    So call us LAME, we are still just riding our bikes.

    As awesome of a video that was, the two guys needed to be bumped off the mountain! I would have done it!

  4. cool trail, asshole riding

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