Fontana NMBS Part 4

Gear Extravaganza

A good amount of teams showed up to the first NMBS of the year in Fontana CA, and all were packing the latest weaponry. There was plenty of gear that made me want to make romance explosion.

Gary Fisher Downhill Sled

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher Subaru had far and away the most new equipment in use at Southridge Park. All of the Fisher rigs were there with a brand new and very bold livery that closely matches the new team kits.

We were able to get a close look at JHK’s new Superfly thanks to GF Subaru team manager Jon Rourke. If you’ve seen the VeloNews Buyer’s Guide this year, there was a feature on Jeremy’s bike, but the one he’ll be riding for the 07 season is completely new. According to Jon, this bike has only been assembled for about 2 weeks. Two items of note are the brand new Rock Shox Reba 29 and JHK’s rotor setup. There was much talk on the internets about his choice to run 3 Ti bolts to attach his Avid Clean Sweep rotors to his Race X Lite hubs. It was all covered in said VeloNews issue. It turns out that he, in fact, doesn’t even use them. JHK’s new Superfly was set up with a custom-built Race X Lite wheelset with Centerlock DT hubs. Jon has then attached the 6 bolt Avid Rotors to the Centerlock hubs via DT’s new adapter. This allows them the freedom to change rotors quickly while still using their sponsor’s equipment.

Even though Fisher has been an industry leader in 29er mountain bikes, sometimes a 26er is called for. JHK chose to ride one for the STXC on Sunday for its faster acceleration and relatively lower rotating mass. The prototype 2009 Ziggurat sports an all-new hydroformed aluminum frame highlighted by an enormous, square profile down tube.


Foes Racing

Our good buddies at Foes were showing off their wares, not the least of which was Brent’s custom fabricated pneumatic workstand. We’re hoping to install one in the shop soon, so be sure to check back for a full review. Also in attendance was the elusive redesigned 08 Fly. This one was equipped with a Curnutt XTD Air and 1.5″ headtube. The raw finish looks sexy especially when built with the Rock Shox Totem in the “Galvanized” paint job. We still don’t have an on-sale date for it, so it might actually be the 09 Fly if it takes much longer.


Also of note in the Foes camp was the appearance of the venerable Jimmy Mac from Mountain Bike Action checking out the new 2:1 Prolite X. Hey man, no fair! We saw her first!



Team Maxxis brough a fleet of Litespeed Sewanee’s. Geoff Kabush had a great deal of input on the design of the new 60mm race steed. His was outfitted with Stan’s Olympic ZTR Rims, and limited edition gold Magura Marta SL’s. Hmmm…Olympic and gold. I wonder what’s on his mind.



Fuji has really come out of nowhere lately with their offerings. From their Team Issue Toyota United Road bike to this new Mt Fuji RC hardtail. This is a brand new high modulus, ultra light carbon frameset that isn’t available to the public yet.



The Yeti Factory team showed up in force particularly in the gravity events. In addition to their redesigned 303 DH sled and the new Seven all mountain frame, the team Yeti riders found that their beautiful DJ platform works great as a 4X bike.



We’ve begun to see more and more riders turn back to Magura for their great new line of hydraulic brakes, but now the brand new Dual Arch forks are becoming available, and they look great. This Pivot Mach 4 was also outfitted with the long-rumored MX rear shock. Most interesting is its Teflon impregnated wiper seals and sweet-looking red hard anodized finish.

cimg1424.jpg cimg1425.jpg


The Orbea Alma hardtail is not only the choice of current UCI World Champ Julien Absalon, but also the Luna Chix Pro Womens Squad. I think they brought about 47 of them. Not sure why, but they look amazing. Also interesting was the new Oiz Carbon XC Full Suspension rig. Its Fox RP23 is actuated via a thin, flexible carbon chainstay ala the Cannondale Scalpel. They also had the full suspension Occam Carbon marathon bike on display. It uses a high single pivot design mated to an elevated chainstay design swingarm ala the Cannondale Rush. The Luna Chix were also running a long travel platform that resembled a Cannondale Judge. Seriously.

cimg1428.jpg cimg1429.jpg

cimg1430.jpg cimg1431.jpg


Ryan Trebon is faster than you. More than likely, he’s also taller. Much taller. His well-used Kona Kula Supreme has a seatpost that has to be about 8 feet long. Crazy.



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