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Criminal Mass

Posted in Random Babbling, Rides on April 22, 2008 by J

Living in a city that canonizes the automobile to such an extent as Los Angeles, sometimes it just feels good to get away from the hustle of traffic. Often, nothing clears your head like a good ride. The guys over at Banned Bicycles decided to go on a relaxing little bike ride, and brought along a camera.


Foes Sea Otter Sneak Peek

Posted in Gear, News on April 16, 2008 by magnetmattdh

The Fontana NMBS Race was about 3 weeks ago. There seemed to be a bigger crowd on hand this year to check out the many races going on and the expanded number of vendors in the pits over a 4 day period. Some of the hottest new prototype and preproduction one-off rides were spotted under the Foes Racing tent. The first machine to catch the eyes of the Kitty Bait agents was the soon to be in production 2008 Fly freeride frame.

2008 Foes Fly

A thing of beauty, is the Fly. With its flowing lines from the monocque-formed top tube with lower stand over clearance for stretching those tricks out over the 40ft booter double wide, it also includes a first for Foes: A 1.5 head tube (finally you can use any fork!). Of course the swing link is standard on every Foes, but the new Fly boasts 8 inches of the zestiest wheel travel by way of a Curnutt in either air form or coil XTD (Ti or steel), 2:1 actuation ratio like all Foes now have, and single pivot simplicity with an optional floating brake mount (must have)! At Foes Racing, both beauty and beast can be built up under 35lbs with reasonable durability. The frames should be available in a week or two, so get to your local Foes dealer and order one before they’re gone!

The second machine, taking a much needed rest from DH practice in the stand, is a prototype short travel light weight DH racer called the “DH7”.

The DH7 might be the wave of the future for DH racing. The first thing that jumped out and slapped the Kitty Bait minions in the face, was the monocque formed top tube that looks to be inspired by the F-117A Stealth Fighter. Sick details! Other features include a 1.5 headtube like its sibling the Fly, 7 inches of rock smashing Curnutt air travel, and a 2:1 ratio for extra smooth suspension control. Also, the swing link, which if we looked closely, could be spotted behind and under the bottom bracket. (this will be moved on the next prototype to a position under the top tube and above the shock) The DH7 comes equipped with a 150mm rear hub, a single pivot swing arm and a floating brake mount. This build up weighted 36lbs. Amazingly, some more weight could still be dropped in a few areas without any breakage issues. Foes had their sights set on the Intense Socom with this bike, and if the past is any indication about Foes bikes; you will see people racing to the top step on the podium ahead of you on the DH7!

EC Conquers Mountain Cross, DH, Sewing?

Posted in News on April 14, 2008 by J

The legendary Eric Carter has been at the forefront of the gravity-assisted mountain biking revolution for more than 15 years now. As the sport has progressed, this old man wasn’t about to be left behind. His passion and competitive spirit still drives him to the race course week after week to show the youngin’s a thing or two about why he holds a world championship, six national championships, and a closet full of NMBS and UCI hardware. After all of that, he’s now launched a clothing company based on the progressive evolution of mountain biking. Division 26 has officially gone live today.

While you’re there, be sure to check out what could end up being bigger news. It seems as though EC has been busy building trails around Vail Lake near Temecula, CA. With over 9,000 acres of potential downhill and freeride playground to work with, EC may have stumbled upon what could become California’s answer to the North Shore. Southwest shore?

Two Wheeled Pornography Vol III

Posted in Gear on April 10, 2008 by J

Engin Cycles War Machine

For the third installment in the world-renown series of photographs featuring only the most luscious, barely-legal bicycle smut, comes this centerfold courtesy of Engin Cycles.

One of the Kitty Bait staff members has been known to do some scribbling for one of our favorites, Dirt Rag; and soon this custom built, single speed, 650B, Engin War Machine will be in her care and subject of a review for said rag.

Drew Guldalian of Engin Cycles has been designing and building these handbuilt, steel orgasms in his shop outside of Philadelphia for a little while now, and even has some hardware to back up it up. You see, Drew brought home the trophy for “Best Off-Road Bicycle” at this year’s North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show back in February. Not too bad for a former chef.

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So That Happened…

Posted in News on April 8, 2008 by J

Citing a number of reasons that basically amount to: “Greg’s been acting like kind of a douchenozzle,” Trek has ended its partnership with Lemond Racing Cycles.

In a press release, Trek head honcho John Burke said, “Beginning in 1995 we had high hopes for the LeMond partnership, and I am sorry it has come to this after so much hard work on the LeMond brand. But this troubling pattern of inconsistent business dealings forced us to do this, for the sake of the Trek family—our retailers, employees and customers.” Burke continues, “Doping is a very important topic for our industry. We never discouraged Greg from speaking out about doping in cycling. We know there is a difference between attacking an issue and destroying reputations. Greg’s public comments damaged the LeMond brand, and our reputation with retailers and consumers.”

If you’ve already finished watching paint dry today, i guess you can click here for the full story.

Since Kitty Bait is more mountain bike-centric than anything else, you might be wondering why we give a crap about all of this. Well, first it puts in jeopardy the future of the sweet Poprad CX rig, and secondly (and much more importantly) it opens the door for Klein to come back to the US in 2009. Get ready for more knockouts, like this gem:

Big Wheelin’

Posted in Gear, News on April 7, 2008 by J

The new Gary Fisher Superfly continues to be one of 2008’s most sought after rigs, but also one of the most scarce. I can tell you firsthand that Kitty Bait Headquarters has had a few of them on order since October with nary a peep from GF about availability.

In a move that effectively makes the most wanted bike of ’08 even more exclusive comes a Single Speed Superfly:

Gary Fisher brand manager, Travis Ott, posted pictures of this beauty last week over at the 29er Crew website. We’ve been told that at least 3 of these guys exist right now, and will be under Jesse LaLonde, Marko LaLonde and Cameron Chambers this season. Click here for the full story.

UPDATE: Here’s Jesse LaLonde’s SS Superfly with a fresh new build:

Moviefilm For Theatres

Posted in News on April 5, 2008 by J

Back in 2004, a group of photogaphers, filmakers, and mountain bikers turned the cycling world on its collective ear with the release of the film, “The Collective.” In many ways, it was a first in cycling cinema. Not only was it the first mountain bike feature shot completely on 16mm, but some argue that it was the first that truly captured the spirit of “flow” that one can only experience behind the controls of a proper cycle on singletrack. I tend to agree. The guys at The Collective are at it again.

The much anticipated follow-up to the 2006 film “Roam” will premiere this month. “Seasons” follows top progressive riders Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Andrew Shandro, Steve Peat, Steve Smith, Cam McCaul, and Darren Berrecloth over the course of four seasons in one year. The film explores what it means to be a full time rider as told through the lives of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors, and big mountain freeriders.

The premiere at the Sea Otter Classic will take place at the Monterey Conference Centre on Friday April 18th. There will be two shows: a pre-drunk screening at 6:30pm, and a while-drunk show at 9:30. If you’re going to be on the peninsula for Sea Otter, this should be a mandatory stop.

Click here for some exclusive scenes courtesy of the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Bike Park.