Fontana NMBS Part 3

STXC: Only Certified Baddasses Need Apply

STXC had always sounded like a contrived bastardization of real Cross Country races in order to make the sport more fan friendly. And it is, as you can pretty much see the whole course from one spot. But the whole concept seemed dirty to me. It isn’t until you see how utterly destructive it is to one’s body that you can really appreciate the competition. It works sora’ like a ‘cross race. Get as many laps in on a 3/4 mile course in 20 minutes then add another 3 laps. Throw in some elbows, sweat, and shitloads of latic acid, and you have a STXC race. Ridiculously compelling.


The course was set up similar to last year’s with the exception of a short, nasty little drop at the end of the loop being omitted. It still climbed most of the 4x course and favored power riders over climbers. You need to have some guns to attack doubles going the wrong way.

The field was full of notables, including 07 STXC champ Geoff “K Bomb” Kabush, and last year’s winner Ryan “11 Foot Setpost” Trebon. Barry Wicks and Kabush spent most of the race out front until the last few laps when Adam Craig bridged the gap to Wicks. Because Craig had to burn so much energy chacing the Kona rider, he had nothing left for sprint, although he made it close.


1 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona                                0.24.56
2 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Mtb Team                          0.01
3 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis                           0.06
4 Ross Schnell (USA) Trek/Vw                               0.12
5 Max Plaxton (Can) Rocky Mountain-Haywood                 0.18

For those of you wondering why the fuck Liam Killeen would show up to Fontana, we still don’t have an answer for you. But, he finished 11th in STXC, so there’s your answer for how he would perform.

I also owe you folks an apology. I wasn’t able to grab any pictures of the Womens’ STXC or, more importantly, Willow Koerber. So here’s a couple from last year:



We love you, Willow.


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