Foes Shizzle

We here at Kitty Bait pride ourselves on being the world’s foremost provider of bicycle industry-related news and happenings. As a result, we are constantly bombarded with press junkets and proposals desperately asking for our coverage of a multitude of awesome products.

Unfortunately, only the best of the best make the cut. So, when our buddy Chris from Foes Racing sent over some info about Brent’s new fully suspended cross country racer, we said “Sure we’ll post it, just give us 6 grand.” To which he replied, “You know, I don’t know who the hell you guys think you are over there.” To which we replied, “Sure, we exaggerated the thing about us being the world’s foremost provider of bicycle industry-related news and happenings, but Matt thought that it would get us laid.” To which he replied, “You guys are completely delusional.”

Anyway, here’s the new rig: The Foes 2:1 Prolite X


Born from the same process as the XCT, the new Prolite is a short travel, cross country-oriented platform that will be as much at home on all-day trail rides as it will on the race course. While maintaining some tried-and-true Foes hallmarks like the single-pivot rear end actuating the proprietary high volume Curnutt shock through Foes’ signature swing link, Brent and the boys have pared some things down to bring the Prolite down to fighting weight.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the new Prolite X has a totally new swingarm. Features like a completely tubular design, Prolite hardtail dropouts, and asymmetrical chainstays have never shown themselves on a Foes full suspension frame until now. The front triangle is similarly svelte, and showcases a signature monocoque gusset between the top and down tubes that also acts as the forward shock mount. And yes, that is a semi-integrated headset.

We have no word yet on availability, but we do know for sure that the bike pictured above is the only one currently in existence. Once she arrives at Kitty Bait Headquarters, we’ll provide you with our first impressions. Knowing what Foes is capable of, we’re confident that it will be terrorizing the race course with aplomb soon enough.


One Response to “Foes Shizzle”

  1. sweet, we better get one as a demo bike. It is almost getting time for me to dust off the Foes and get my fork working again. Although it might be a little bit longer, stupid random snow.

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