Two-Wheeled Pornography Vol II

Next in our series of horrendously obscene, yet overwhelmingly arousing gobs of amateur bike smut, comes JC’s brand spanking new Gary Fisher Supercaliber.cimg1405.jpg

This Supercal is the middle of the range bike in the new HiFi XC category from Gary this year. He took all the good parts from last year’s Race Day platform (nothing) and combined them with the best from his trail bike tour de force, the HiFi. This means: a 6066 hydroformed and butted mainfame coupled via a forged aluminum swing link to a single pivot OCLV 110 swingarm. Besides the expected reduction in travel from 5″ to 4″, the geometry of the entire rig has been tweaked toward cross county race course annihilation. Plus, she’s dead sexy. Check out those haunches:cimg1408.jpgSo, it should be said that this isn’t exactly what you can pick up right off of the showroom floor. In fact, the only stock parts remaining are the Fox F100RL, Fox Float RP3, Race X Lite Stem, Seatpost and Saddle, and the xXx Lite Grips (but even they were cut in half). The hapless losers awesome staff at Pasadena Cyclery were able to construct a custom build that was miles ahead of stock, still for less than the price of the range-topping Procal. Here’s some highlights:

  • Sram XO Twist Shifters and Rear Derailleur
  • Sram X9 Front Derailleur
  • Truvativ Noir 3.3 Crankset (2 chainrings)
  • Avid Juicy Ultimate Brakes 160mm with Ti rotor bolts
  • Bontrager Race X Lite Wheelset and cockpit

cimg1407.jpgI was toying around with the idea of getting the front triangle painted black, but I guess I’ll see what a readhead rides like first. I always was partial to brunettes myself, though. Bulimic ones, to be exact. This one’s at about 24.2 lbs with my heavy, old Shimano PD M520’s. So, there’s a little more room to gag and purge some extra weight down the toilet.cimg1406.jpgOnce I get a few rides in, I’ll let you know what I think; however, I have the utmost confidence that it will tear into the trail like a rototiller on crack cocaine.


3 Responses to “Two-Wheeled Pornography Vol II”

  1. Magnetman Says:

    Bike looks sick, now if only the owner was a procaliber rider. The only reason I can talk shit is, because I can’t ride at the moment.

  2. What a douche! I’ll be the first one to agree, though.

  3. blue marlin Says:

    hello guys, i’ve known this guy since he was a kid in hs. i’ll look for some old pics of him racing as a junior.

    nice bike jason, isn’t it great to not be on a GT ….

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