Two-Wheeled Pornography Vol I

This will be the first in a series of hot, steaming piles of sleazy, uncensored, full-frontal, bicycle smut. Please turn the children away from the computer screen.

Appropriately enough, our first lovely damsel comes in the form of a truly nude model. S’s 2006 Trek Elite XC 9.9 is a rare piece, indeed. Because of her former connection as a trooper in a certain Wisconsin millionaire’s corporate empire of cycles, she was able to obtain a 9.9 completely devoid of paint and logos, and polished to a gleaming carbon money-shot of a finish. You will not see another frame like this one.

9.9 Side

It’s been custom-built by the wrench trolls fine folks at Pasadena Cyclery to be a sharply focused instrument of cross country dominance. The OCLV 110 frame has a Fox Float 32 100 RL, a SRAM XO transmission, XTR crank and cassette, Avid Juicy Ultimate Brakes, a Thompson Masterpiece seatpost and stem, Bontrager XXX Lite handlebar, Profile Tomac shorty bar ends, Selle San Marco Aspide saddle with Ti rails, Chris King Nothreadset, Bontrager Race X Lite TLR wheels, and Nokon cables.


The ride really is incredible. The best way I can describe it is that it rides like a road bike for the mountain. It really is like catching a ride on Scud missile when climbing, and it accelerates like an elderly driver on his way to the Santa Monica Farmers Market.


Since S will be out of town for the next race on the Southern California State Highway Robbery Series, I think I’ll be commandeering her steed for Fontana this weekend. See you there.


5 Responses to “Two-Wheeled Pornography Vol I”

  1. that’s a sweet bike! I think I see some bikesnob going on in your writing.

  2. I think I’ll take that as a compliment, Darin. When are you done with school?

  3. wait, is that Sara’s bike?

  4. oh, I am done with school april 25th, I race that weekend then drive back.

  5. Cool. Yeah, it’s hers.

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